I’ve been seeing so much about this prayer Ciara prayed when she was seeking God for the man He had for her. Ciara a multi-talented music star has grown more famous in recent years and it’s not due to her music career, but primarily for the family God has blessed her with. All over social media, I hear women sharing the prayer, saying the prayer, and raving about the prayer. And ultimately the prayer worked for sis because she snagged Russell Wilson, the professional football player for the Seattle Seahawks. Ciara is winning. According to her interviews, she specifically asked God for a God-fearing man who loved kids. She prayed for wisdom and discernment.

Ciara’s Prayer

Many times she’s been asked to share her exact prayer for others to pray. Now while I’m glad many people are able to witness and believe that God answers prayers, and I’m sure He’s been glad to hear from some of His children he hasn’t heard from in a while, I think it’s important that women everywhere realize her prayer is not a magic spell and God is not a genie. Her prayer wasn’t effective because of the words she used, but because of her faith, her sincerity, her surrender, and God’s will and ability. I can almost guarantee you a solid relationship with God was another critical component of how God answered her prayer.

Ciara’s prayer worked for her and I’m not knocking it, but I want to encourage you to come up with a prayer of your own. God has someone out there for you, but you must be preparing to receive that person. I had a little prayer of my own that worked out for me.

My Prayer

I asked the Lord to not send a man my way to approach me unless he was my husband and the man God had for me. Now for some of us this can be a difficult prayer because we like being social, we like male attention, and we like some of the other benefits of dating, however, MY PRAYER WORKED. When I prayed that prayer I knew a few things: (1) I hated how a broken heart felt, (2) I do not like for my time to be wasted, (3) I knew I wanted to be married in the end.

Because God knew I could not (would not) bear a lot of heartbreak and disappointment, he answered my prayer. My tolerance level has always been low in the dating department. My cutoff game was strong. Now I know we all say that, but I am for real. Answer texts too slow, I’m gone. Break your word or a promise, I’m gone. Lie even just one time, I’m gone. That was how I was. I could block and move on and be free and unbothered as if nothing ever happened. Truth is, I was that way because no man ever made me feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Vulnerability was weak in my eyes. My motto was “never let ’em see you sweat” and “don’t be crying over no man”. Really, I had just conditioned myself to live my life without feeling.

God Answered!

But when I tell you, God heard me when I prayed that prayer. The reason I prayed that prayer was because as far as I was concerned if a man is approaching me and he ain’t my husband or shows no promise of being any of the sorts then why is he even approaching me? I don’t want to entertain him, see him, waste my time and energy with him if he ain’t the one God sent for me.

I literally only dated four men in my adult life. And when I say date, I mean went on at least one date. My fiancé is literally the only man I’ve ever been in a relationship with, EVER IN LIFE! We met when I was 27 years old. Prior to that point, I had never been in a serious romantic relationship. I know this sounds bazaar, but this was God’s way of answering my prayers.

I did not want to experience heartbreak after heartbreak which is why I prayed the prayer to only be seen by the one God had for me. And trust me when he saw me and our spirits connected he did not waste any time loving me, making things official, and popping the big question. I’ll admit initially after I prayed that prayer receiving no male attention was tough at first. I’m not even talking about not going on a date, I’m talking about getting a compliment or someone holding the door open for me lol. It was bad! Being ignored made me feel unattractive and unwanted at times. But I didn’t realize this is what I prayed for. God answered me!

My Love

My fiancé has been nothing but good to me. He is the most talented man I have ever met. Steven is literally the master of all trades. I mean he is good at EVERY SINGLE THING he touches. He’s a web designer, graphic designer, computer repair technician, musician, photographer, and entrepreneur. God wasn’t playing fair when he made Steven. He’s compassionate, thoughtful, kind, and soooo very intelligent. He supports me in every way possible. And God knew just what I needed. He made and prepared a man just for me.

To all my single people out there I encourage you to make your own prayer for a spouse. Remember there is no magic in prayer but there is power in prayer. As the saying goes “Prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door.” One day when you are not even thinking about it you will look up and realize that God answered your prayers.

This post is dedicated to my sister, Chancey, who got engaged to her fiancé this week. She and Stephen started dating this year and got engaged this year. And just like that, God answered both their prayers. Love you both!

Oh and yes both of us are marrying a guy named Steven/Stephen. LOL

Chancey & Stephen’s Proposal

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