Inspiring, transformational, and introspective are just some of the words that describe the well- written book, Becoming Flawesome: A Key to Living an Imperfectly Authentic Life. Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, takes readers through the empowering journey of how she reached the pinnacle of self-acceptance and self-love. I found myself relating to the stories she shared, acknowledging thoughts I’ve had about myself mentioned throughout the book, and overcoming the struggles of my own journey throughout the pages of the book. As a wife, sister, student, entrepreneur and ever-evolving woman, I found pieces of myself, more specifically, my doubts, and insecurities debunked in the topics shared by Kristina. Learning to love oneself is not an overnight process, but a life-long adventure. With each new experience life brings, there is an opportunity to learn something profound about yourself.

She makes it clear that there are many phases in the self-love journey and making those changes starts with assessing the internal without the consideration of the external. Understanding how you view yourself, how you feel, and what you think about yourself are critical to this growth journey. Making unrealistic and drastic changes to alter who you are at the core to become who you think you should be can get pretty blurry when you are bombarded with the everyday struggles of reality. For me, though I’ve been on a self-love journey for quite some time, I find myself suffering from imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, and caring too much about how the world perceives me.

My Journey to Becoming Flawesome

My self-doubt dates all the way back to pre-school. Very early on I learned how to place my self-worth in the hands of my peers. Choosing to play games with my peers rather than reading, writing, or coloring as that’s what was expected of me was just one way I sought the approval of others.  I can remember being internally excited when the teachers threatened to withhold recess in exchange for worksheets. But even then, the expectation was that I was supposed to love playing instead of schoolwork. I obliged because it was socially acceptable, but it was not me being true to myself. From then on out, it became a way of life and I can never remember a time whem denying my true self made me happy, but I did it anyway. Simply put, I learned to lie to myself.

What I used to think?

I, like many others, have found myself making unreasonable expectations of myself to reach perfection and masked it as trying to become a better version of myself. The reflection points throughout the book made me question who I was becoming a better person for? What was wrong with the current version of me? In the past I have made commitments to working hard, fad diets, and exceeding the expectations of the many roles I play in my family’s lives all while denying my authentic self.

I have questioned if I am supporting and engaging enough in my relationships even when I knew I was sacrificing myself. I’ve wondered if the people in my life thought I was valuable to them. If the world perceived me as successful? All in all, this book truly made me question who I am becoming a better person for and what that looks like? Reading each page of the book was like holding a mirror to myself.

What did I learn?

To become a better me, I realize I first must understand who I am authentically. I realize that if being true to others means denying myself, I was never true to myself to begin with. Instead of searching for ways I can improve who I am externally, I have since evaluated ways I can improve internally. In doing that, I discovered ways I can treat myself better. Listening to my heart and doing what feels right is just one way of loving and accepting myself. I deserve to be happy and so do you.

We all deserve to value the opinions of our own thoughts more than the opinions of the outside world. Living in your truth, accepting your truth, and finding ways to love the truths about who you are, are steps in the right direction of self-love and acceptance. As one who has overcome many challenges to build up who I am and how I love myself over the years, I can say #Becoming Flawesome both validates and elevates the path of self-esteem, and paves a clear path for success for anyone on the journey.

Becoming Flawesome is not just a book title, but a journey everyone who wants true happiness should embark on. Kristina captured the heart, soul, and mind of an individual seeking the greatest satisfaction of life; self-acceptance and loving everything about who you are.  #BECOMINGFLAWSOME

The book is set to release on July 23, 2023 and can be purchased online

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