the act or occasion of crowning someone as King or Queen, typically chosen or selected without winning an election or competition also : accession to the highest office.

The Coronation Blog is where I share some of the most vulnerable experiences that helped me walk in the royalty that I am today. I know you’re probably thinking, “ROYALTY?” Well, let me explain. Often times in life people give us names or titles they want us to accept. Unfortunately, many of these titles have negative connotations and aid in confusing us about who we are, whose we are, and what our purpose is on this earth. We may waste years LIVING DOWN to these titles that make us feel insufficient, inferior, and downright defeated. I too spent years doubting who I was, but now, I KNOW WHO I AM. I’ve changed crowns and titles. I’m joyful, not depressed, I’m loved, not forgotten, I am strong and not weak. But most of all, I AM ENOUGH and I AM A CHILD OF THE KING! My hope is that by sharing my experiences, you will be crowned in the royalty that you are and walk in the fullness of God!


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From a Crown of Thorns to a Crown of Victory


We are victorious despite the trials we face that threaten to rob us of this victory. Sport this one of a kind design that declares you are indeed victorious in an situation. 

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My Story… His Glory Tee


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