A coronation is the ceremony when a new King (or Queen, let’s not be sexist) is officially installed.

The Coronation Blog is where I share some of the most vulnerable experiences that helped me walk in the royalty that I am today. I know you’re probably thinking, “ROYALTY?” Well, let me explain. Often times in life people give us names or titles they want us to be. Unfortunately, many of these titles have negative connotations and aid in confusing us about who we are, whose we are, and what our purpose is. We may waste years LIVING DOWN to these titles that make us feel insufficient, inferior, and downright defeated. I too spent years doubting who I was, but now, I KNOW WHO I AM. I’ve changed crowns and titles. I’m joyful, not depressed, I’m loved, not forgotten, I am strong and not weak. But most of all, I AM ENOUGH! My hope is that by sharing my experiences, you will be crowned in the royalty that you are! Thus, THE CORONATION!

Dreaming Like a Kid Again

So here’s to 2021. I’ve been missing in action due to all the busyness of the year but I’m back and determined more than ever to do better with my blog this year. I was inspired by our recently elected Vice President Kamala Harris and I begin to just wonder if she ever thought she’d see the day where she, a woman of color, would be second in command in the world’s greatest nation. 


I’m in Love and I Never Thought I’d Be Here

I’m keeping my momentum and writing yet another blogpost this week. And in the spirit of love that is so popular during this valentine’s season I thought I’d share how love has been impacting my life in this season. I’m literally in love with someone special and I never thought I’d be here. That someone special is me! As many of you know, the whole purpose of me starting this blog was out of the struggles I endured in my youth. I didn’t have much faith in myself or much love for myself.

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