Hey y’all! My name is LaFrancis McPherson. So just a few things about me… I’m the youngest of all my siblings on both my Mom and Dad’s side, I come from a huge family, and education and hard work are very important to me. I was raised in a Christian home by a single mother who did all she could for us. I had my own share of struggles growing up. I’ve battled with low self-esteem, insecurity and financial hardships. Despite these struggles, they have all made me who I am. They’ve transformed me even. Describing myself now I’d say I’m a dreamer, a lover, an encourager, and an overcomer. I have graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, a Masters in Business Administration, and now I’m working on a Ph.D in Public Policy and Administration. I’ve seen much success in my life but not without great struggle. Bottomline is..I’m still just a millennial trying to figure it all out. This blog is just a place for me to share my experiences as I go along this journey figuring out my career, education, love life, relationships, and my spiritual journey. My goal is to show how I overcome and RISE TO ROYALTY! I hope you enjoy the blog and learn how to walk in the greatness that you are with the help of my transparency.