You’re Alive Because There’s More

Lately we’ve seen more devastating news than ever. This year came in with a bang…and that’s not in a good way. More and more we hear of young people being murdered or passing away, people harming children, and the suicide rate in the black community is on the rise. I look at situations like Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst and Ian Alexander Jr., son of famous actress, Regina King, who both in our eyes would have every reason to live, but chose suicide to escape their pain.

It’s a very disheartening thing when people feel like suicide is the only way out. Though I don’t like the suicide option, I absolutely understand it. We put so much pressure on people to be what we expect, that we often don’t allow them the space to live in their truth. This is hard because sometimes their truth is ugly.

Sometimes “my truth” might be that I am battling with my identity, my sanity, or my health. It could be that I’m struggling with an addiction or with my sexuality. It could be that I am on hard times financially. But none of these struggles are pretty. More of us are struggling than we care to share, but struggling is deemed as socially unacceptable.

No one wants to feel like the Debbie Downer or the Negative Nancy of their friend group. But if there is anything I can encourage you to do, that is to live in your truth. Don’t be the happy go lucky friend because its what others expect. When tragedies happen in your life, give yourself time and space to be vulnerable, feel the pain, and heal. You owe no explanations to anyone for your healing process. Honestly we are all battling something and life would be so much easier if we were all honest with each other.

Surround yourself with individuals who support you and make you feel loved no matter what state you are in. Stay away from people who say stuff like “why you being different” “we need you to be the turnup friend.” It’s okay if you don’t feel like living out that role right then. To the strong friends, let someone be there for you and let them bear your burdens. To the needy friends, give someone else a turn to need help. We have to learn how to share in each other’s struggles in these challenging times we live in.

To anyone out there who needs to hear this, you’re alive because there’s more. There’s more purpose for you to fulfill, more love for you to experience, more life to live. God has you here for a reason. In your darkest seasons you may not always see his intent, but there is hope.

I’ve been there before. I’ve asked God why did you take this one or that one so early but leave me here and I’m miserable. Why am I still here? What more do I have to live for? I’ve spent months crying and questioning God at different times in my life. But once I decided to stop crying over spilled milk, trust God and let him be in control of my life, he brought me out on the other side of depression.

I recently taught a Bible Study lesson titled “Hurting but not Hopeless”. I want to encourage someone out there that though you may be hurting, you are not hopeless. Grieve the situation. Be mad, cry, try to fix it or justify it, get depressed…shoot, do it all. BUT DON’T STAY THERE. Get up and move on.  There is hope and victory on the other side. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The title of this post was inspired by this song written by Rich Tolbert entitled “I’m Alive”.

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