Maintaining Peace in a Pandemic

Five ways to maintain your peace


Stress is the thief of all things peaceful and calm. These last few months have been very trying for many of us. Actually, all of 2020 has had many challenges. From Covid-19 to skyrocketing unemployment rates, loss of loved ones, and the everyday hardships we face, finding peace can be a task. I personally have taken on three part-time jobs to pay for my tuition, I am on some new projects on my full-time job, and I’m still trying to find time and strategies to continue with my weight loss journey. With so many things going on, I find that these five things help me keep some peace in my life.


Clean up your space, be it a bedroom, car, desk, storage unit, or refrigerator.

We often hear the phrase that “cleanliness is next to godliness,” but for me, a clear space equals a clear mind. When my space is cluttered and messy, so is my mind and my emotional state of being. Make time to clear up a space you frequent and bring some order to that space. There is absolutely no feeling like being clean and organized. At least for me, there isn’t.


Take time to exhale and do something you enjoy.

Making time for yourself is often one of our most difficult tasks. We often hold so many roles and responsibilities that we lose sight of our responsibility to ourselves. Being a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, employee, minister or any other role you hold takes so much time and energy that we try to split amongst these different roles. It’s imperative that you allocate some energy to the role of “ME.” I don’t care if you take time to go sit at the lake, walk around the park, or get a McDonald’s ice cream cone (given the machine is working), TAKE SOME TIME TO WOOSAH FOR YOU!


Put your phone on DND and break away from all media outlets.

Our devices serve as a source of communication and a source of entertainment for many of us every day. However, they can also serve as a distraction. People call or text all day keeping us busy and overloading us with information. “Can you do this?” Have you heard about so and so?” “Are you free to do me a favor?” This consistent communication can rob you of your time and your peace. It’s okay to turn the phone off or put it on do not disturb. Give yourself time to breathe away from being bombarded with everyone’s concerns and the drama on social media.

Teach yourself something new with no pressure applied.

Learning a new skill or hobby can be a very liberating experience. Social media has given this tip throughout the pandemic, but with the expectation that you master that new skill or hobby for lucrative business purposes. If you can learn something that can make you some extra money, that’s great, but if not, just enjoy the process. The idea is that you are exploring new levels of your abilities for fun and not with the added stress or pressure of being exceptional at it or making money from it. Do it for your personal enjoyment. Make memories. I personally have started to explore more of my creative side throughout the pandemic. Painting, designing, and DIYs have become a place of peace for me.


Create a routine or structure for something in your life and stick to it.

At the beginning of this pandemic, I felt a sense of uncertainty and chaos in my life. Not being able to stick to my everyday routine or know what the future holds for my job made me worry. With so many uncertainties and lack of control, I found that establishing a routine or some control in one area of my life, helped me to manage my stress levels. Whether it’s a skincare regimen, a workout routine, a devotional, or diet, try to establish something you can stick to and stick to it. Knowing that you are maintaining order in at least one area of your life gives you some normalcy and establishes a calm in your everyday life.


Overall, the key to maintaining your peace is managing your stress levels. Understand that you cannot stress over or control everything. A strategy I like to use is the stress allocation technique. Yes, I made this up. The stress allocation technique is where you mentally establish that you have a certain amount of stress you’re given for the day.

For example, I say I have three chips of stress. Once I have worried or lost my cool about three things that day, I have maxed out of my chips and have no more left to use for the next stressful situation that arises. That means I have to make the conscious decision to not stress over anything else beyond my three chips that day. I let it ride. God desires that we have peace. I encourage each of you to give your cares and concerns to the Lord and hold on to the peace he has given you.


Here’s a song I’ve been listening to lately that has kept me encouraged throughout the pandemic. Take a listen.

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