I’m keeping my momentum and writing yet another blogpost this week. And in the spirit of love that is so popular during this valentine’s season I thought I’d share how love has been impacting my life in this season. I’m literally in love with someone special and I never thought I’d be here. That someone special is me! As many of you know, the whole purpose of me starting this blog was out of the struggles I endured in my youth. I didn’t have much faith in myself or much love for myself.

The times when I was alone was when I felt the lowest. Alone the enemy would come and whisper in my ear how worthless, undesirable, and insignificant I was. The torment would be so bad that I would be crying uncontrollably and having what I now know was an anxiety attack. How I perceived myself was so damaged. The hurtful words of others enhanced my insecurities and made loving myself nearly impossible….until I took my power back. I reclaimed my self-worth and built myself up. I found reasons to love myself instead of loathe myself.

Affirmations, prayer, and reminders of God’s words and thoughts concerning me were integral in healing my broken places. I now love myself because I am beautiful, strong, resilient, intelligent, witty, and downright amazing. I am a good friend, I care for others, and I give of my time, treasure, and talent. Lastly and most importantly, I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. Me loving myself, helped me to see just how much I deserved love. I deserved to do things for me and choose me. Prioritizing myself is now one of my top priorities. Caring for my mental, physical, and emotional health was something I deserved. Doing these things for myself made me realize just how much I wouldn’t mind if someone else prioritized me too. And just like that, someone special came my way and showed me the love I didn’t know I could have.


After falling in love with myself, along came a life-sized Teddy bear who considers me in everything he does. He’s compassionate, giving, and we have so much fun together. But before all this happened I never thought it would. I don’t think I knew it existed and I had considered myself “called to be single.” I just couldn’t imagine myself in a relationship or anything serious. But the right person can come along and shift your perspective the moment you begin to understand yourself and just how truly loved you are by God. Single, married, in a relationship, or just dating, whatever your status is, learn to embrace it and be happy there.

There’s nothing wrong with desiring to be married but don’t make yourself miserable while you are single by doubting your self-worth, entertaining the wrong company, or feeling like love will never happen. When you embrace your journey, love where you are, things can only get better. This Valentine’s day, celebrate love. Romantic love isn’t the only kind to be celebrated, but you can celebrate the love you have for yourself, your family members, your friends, your coworkers and anyone else you want to celebrate. Don’t allow anyone to ruin your Valentine’s day. I’ve had those Valentine’s days where I was stood up, waited all day for a call or even a text with the generic words “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I am worth so much more than that and I’m glad I finally realize it.


This post is dedicated to my life-sized Teddy bear whose birthday just so happens to be on love day, February 14th. You make my heart smile. Thank you for being you.  Happy Birthday!

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This is one of my favorite love songs. Check it out. https://youtu.be/Gpb-S2KxeEQ