Why I Decided to Let it Go

We often hear the saying “forgiveness isn’t for them, its for you.” While I understand and somewhat agree with this statement, let me tell you this; FORGIVENESS IS FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. To forgive is not to forget and fall prey to the same foolishness over and over again. Forgiveness is to give yourself the freedom to live freely past the hurt and anger without harboring any uncleanliness in your heart. Forgiving those who have trespassed against you is to do for someone what God has done for you and that is extend grace. I am in no way an advocate for allowing people to walk all over you, or mistreat you, but I am a big supporter of letting it go so you can move on with your life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I come from a long line of  “can’t let nothing goers.” Just because I know how to hold a grudge and fuss on an exemplary level doesn’t mean I should. I’ve experienced abandonment, betrayal, and dishonesty from those who call themselves friends and family. However I chose not to let those experiences pattern or shape my relationship with those persons or others.


It’s important that when I see or encounter those individuals that no emotion arises to the surface and makes me mad all over again. I have had people to lie to me, lie on me, take advantage of my kindness, misuse me, borrow money and not pay it back and all kinds of petty foolishness. But one thing I always remember is that the Lord said “VENGEANCE IS MINE.” Hear this! He said HE WILL REPAY! Getting folks back is not a responsibility God left up to me. He’s going to take care of them way better than I can. In that verse, he freed me to walk away and move forward just like that. Life is simply too short to be angry, busted, and disgusted all the time. People are leaving this earth too fast to be holding grudges and being petty.

I encourage you to go back to those who wronged you and get it right. Better yet, go to God and get it right too. Forgive them so your conscious and heart can be clear.

And one last thing, always remember you reap what you sow. Don’t go back in the past trying to avenge yourself in the present by doing to others what they did to you. If they hurt you, please don’t hurt them in return. The only thing this will result in is someone else hurting you because that’s what you sowed. Always sow good seeds. Be right and do right. Don’t treat them how they treat you, but treat them how you would want to be treated. That’s something God can honor because it’s origin is a place of love. You will be free and blessed because of how you operate in times of adversity and betrayal.


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