Coping with Change

29 Septembers

Life is full of changes! In this post, I’m going to discuss how change is inevitable, but how to cope with it. For me, September is always an interesting month as it can be full of changes, some good and some undesired. Between the changing of seasons and the weather, the return to school, and uncertainties of life in the pandemic, this September like many others held both happy and somber times. This September has been full of highs and lows. I’ve had many happy moments and received a lot of bad news all at the same time. The roller coaster of highs and lows has even rolled over to October.

Some of the highlights of this season have been leading my church choir in opening for Kierra Sheard-Kelly (my favorite) in concert, celebrating my 29th birthday at the melting pot, going to see the Lion King on Broadway (WOW!), and having the best engagement party I could ask for. I mean the choir really ministered in concert, my birthday dinner was an experience, the Lion King was everything I could’ve imagined and some, and my engagement party was a night of positivity and love. Not to mention, I got things back on track to get back into school this upcoming semester. All and all these are some pretty amazing things to happen in just one month, but in-between all that has been some sickness, sadness, and somber times.

My Struggle

I’ve had family members dealing with illness, loss of loved ones, and news of uncertainty about what the near future holds. Many times this season I’ve fluctuated between feelings of victory and defeat; between being still and trusting God and fixing it myself because he’s not moving fast enough. However, anytime I entertain the idea of trying to fix things out of my control or worrying about things I cannot fix, God reminds me of my job as a believer and more importantly as His child.

Over and over again he has reminded me to live for today only and stay focused on the tasks at hand. Because of this I have conditioned myself to enjoy the good things that are happening in the moment, instead of being in that moment worrying about my troubles. Whatever tasks are not complete, bills not paid, or any other stressor will not be fixed by my worrying or creating of busy work to fix it. So for this reason, I have a few tips/advice I’d like to share on how I’m moving, living, and enjoying in honor of my 29th year of life.


  1. I understand that my path has already been laid out for me by my creator. I can either rest in His will and take the easy way out or I can create hurdles and detours for myself that prolong the process. God will get me to the path I’m destined to be on no matter what decisions I make. The end results won’t change because I make decisions of my own volition. Because if my heart is to live for him, at some point I will surrender my will for His and He will have free reign to put me exactly where I need to be when I need to be there. If I stand on His promise that He knows the plans He has for me that they are good and not of evil, I can live my life to the fullest. (Jeremiah 29:11)


  1. I rob myself of peace when I choose not to trust God. Simply put, God reminds us that if we just can trust Him enough to BE, and let Him be who he says He is, we can have peace that surpasses understanding. He says “I AM that I AM.” This means He will be whatever you need Him to be. Peace does not come from all things in our life being well, but it comes from God above who can give you peace in whatever circumstance you’re facing. When storms happen in your life, peace is promised to you… if you can just trust God and keep your mind stayed on Him.


  1. I’ve learned to stay focused. Distractions stop productivity. When I am focused on more than one thing at a time, everything gets neglected. Compartmentalizing has aided me in focusing on the right things at the right time. If I am focused on my purpose God has given me to do, everything else will fall into place.


  1. I am taking care of me. Learning to take care of my personal needs has served me well. If you are not taking care of you, then you can’t help take care of anyone else. Go complete that workout. Take that nap. Go to that therapy session. Eat that ice-cream cone. Whatever it is that serves you, DO IT!


  1. Use what you got! This is very important. I’ve come to realize I will never be like anyone else and I may not have what qualities others possess, but I have more than enough to do what I am purposed to do. When I offer what I have back to God, he can multiply that.

My Conclusion

In closing, CHILL OUT! Life has enough problems without adding to it. Jesus can take the wheel and I’ll just be a passenger in the car. Because when all is said and done and life has come to an end, not even the biggest of obstacles, or the greatest of mountains will matter. Live a life you can be happy with. In my 29 years of living I have never been forsaken or begging bread. Okay!!! God has always taken care of me and that will remain true until the day I am gone. It’s true for me and its true for you too… no matter what you’re facing. Keep your head up and LIVE!

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