Becoming My Mother

How did I get here?


Aging is an undeniable part of living. With each passing second, minute, day, month, and year we are getting older. How we age, be it gracefully or ungracefully, allows for self-reflection on who we were compared to who we are now and who we are becoming. For me, I’ve found that I’m turning into my mother and it’s weird. All the things I noticed about her that I said I didn’t  understand why she did it, I’ve found myself doing.

For example, I hate talking on the phone, or at least that used to be my story, but somehow I’m always holding phone conversations on speaker phone just like her. I’ve complained about how much she gives of herself to others and told her “you need to detach yourself and let them worry about their own mess,” only for me to be self-sacrificing and inserting myself into solving other people’s problems just like her.


I find myself enjoying outdoors, discount stores, and quartet concerts just like mama. I keep asking myself, “how did I become this? “How is this happening to me? And while I’m not sure how this is happening, I can’t say I’m finding fault with it either. Though I may have just shared a few habits or behaviors I’ve picked up from my mom, there are many other ways I am like my mother. She is the most loving, giving, intelligent, creative woman I know. Her beauty radiates as equally on the inside as it does on the outside. She’s an amazing school teacher, artist, and cook. Each day I see her growing and aging, I see just how much she has turned into her own mother, and I don’t mind that either. My mom has deposited pieces of herself into each of her kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews.


My sister has taken on the caregiver parts of my mom. She is always taking action concerning the well-being and health of her loved ones. My brother has taken on my mother’s cooking ways. He cooks just about every day and he loves it just like she does.  I have taken on my mom’s superhero habits. Super Why to the rescue! But no seriously I always find myself helping others where I can, whenever I can without reservation. I see pieces of my mom in her nieces and nephews. Some are crafty like her and some share in her snacking habits. All in all though, she’s a wonderful person to be like.

So I know I can’t be alone. We are all becoming our parents. While it may seem a little scary at first, really think about those amazing characteristics of your mom or dad, and I can almost guarantee you’ll find that it’s not too bad. Your parents are some pretty resilient people.



To my wise, loving, forgiving, and beautiful mother, you are amazing! As a single mother I can’t imagine the amount of drive, dedication, and sacrifice it took for you to provide for and love three kids by yourself. No child support, and little to no assistance, you made sure we always had food, clothes, shelter, and even some wants. You have raised three very productive citizens of society and you deserve to live for you now. Thank you for all the support and love you gave when we were little. An even bigger thank you for all the support and love you still give to us now. I know we all call you all day everyday, but it’s just because we never want to make a move without the luxury of your wisdom. I love you mom!



Here’s a song of prayer and blessings over each mother this Mother’s Day. May this prayer extend to each person who struggles with this holiday because of the void of a mother or child. May the Lord bless and keep each of you.